Why This Crazy Wife?

This is an easy answer for those that know me. I am crazy, wacky, downright silly. One of my favorite things to say to people is that I am crazy and I have the pills to prove it. I suffer with PTSD, depression and anxiety. Most days in my life are filled with so much happiness though that I can forget about those things now (thanks to the aforementioned pills *wink wink*).


When I told Crazy Husband about the name for the blog he said “very appropriate” and I was not offended. Crazy Husband has a lot to do with keeping me reigned in and on the fun side of crazy. He stuck through and helped me even when I was on the bad side of crazy though, he didn’t like it, well I didn’t like it either of course, but he pulled up his boots and walked straight into the dark waters to rescue me.

I like to think all this crazy is what has shaped Crazy Daughter into the spunky little 8-year-old that she is. She is empathetic, she just knows when anyone needs a hug or to hear a kind word. She is goofy, funny, silly and loves to cuddle. She has promised to cuddle with me until she is 25, she draws the line at 26 though because that is just too old apparently.

My crazy days are usually booked with working 16-18 hours on my various online business ventures. Why do I keep doing it, most people have asked, and I always answer because I get to be with Crazy Daughter when I need to be and want to be. I can step away, I can take a break, I can do her homework with her, I can snuggle up and watch a zombie movie with her. Everyone is asking themselves right now, does she really watch zombie movies with her 8-year-old? Of course not, those things are way too scary for me to watch, she watches those with her father.

Crazy husband and I aren’t out to win any parenting awards, what we are doing is hoping to raise a kind, considerate, tolerant, courageous, and wonderful girl! She likes zombies, she likes Michael Jackson, she is just unique and we love her that way.


Everyone is a little bit crazy, we just express ourselves in a different way! Crazy is as Crazy does 🙂


Crazy Family Introductions

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