Sour Gummies and Celebrities

Ok lets talk about the gummies first…


So at Walmart I can get this tub for $3, it’s all kinds of mixed sour gummies. Gummy worms, gummy bears, gummy circles, gummy squares. The reason you see an over abundance of orange color there is that I won’t eat those. Crazy Husband will eat them. I don’t do orange candy. (I am crazy remember?) I have discovered though that I love the pink circles that they have in this container. They are watermelon flavored and sooo delicious. Why is this a problem you ask? I can’t find a container of just them! Now you are saying its only $3 just buy another container of these and pick them out, but its the principal of the matter! I want a $3 giant tub of watermelon sour rings!

I am laughing at myself while I am typing this because I really should be working…

photo 2

Sweet set up huh? no I don’t have a butterfly in my house, that’s so you don’t see my sticky notes that contain sensitive information! I have been working pretty hard the last couple of days, I am waiting for Crazy Husband to bring me home my chicken wrap and we are going to watch the 2nd half of Frozen with Crazy Daughter before I get back to work.

Onto the 2nd part of my post: Celebrities

While I quite enjoy a good internet meme about different celebs, I find it highly annoying when they get so much lime light for doing stupid stuff. Do we really need to see ANOTHER arrest of some celeb being stupid and drunk driving?  It just gives people more interest in them because they are basically getting free advertising for being a complete and utter douche.

Lets see what could have been more noteworthy and should have been all over my facebook instead of the biebster:

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 7.16.16 PM

Ukraine protests spread to western cities

Click the link for the full story, credit for the picture goes to CBC. Now this seems like it has more damaging effects on the people of the Ukraine and anyone that is part of the riots. They are fighting for democracy but losing lives as a result. My hope is that the government will listen soon to the cries so that no more people are detained, hurt or even worse.

Pretty serious stuff right?


Climate change threatens future Winter Olympics venues

Click the link for the full story. Global warming is a hot button issue in the world right now especially with weird temps all over the globe, and storms like we don’t usually see so often.

The news is pretty depressing stuff most of the time, but its news. It’s what we should be reading about, learning about, advocating about, discussing and giving attention to. Not which Celebrity hair cut is the best, which celebrity got a DUI, or which celebrity was put in jail for some other horrible things.

I’ll put my soapbox away, we are 1 step closer to the weekend! While its good to remember and educate yourself on world news it’s also important to remember to let your hair down and let the worry drift away!


Another day in this crazy life, being the crazy wife!


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