2016 Is upon us

Dear Friends and Family,

I want you to know that 2015 was an awesome year for me. Filled with ups and downs. It was a year of phenomenal growth for me, graduating from 1 course, and starting another one. Having a job that I love, with more doors opening on the horizon. Having my mental health balanced more then it has been in a long while.

Losing my grandfather was one of the worst things that happened. It is hard to imagine not seeing him again in this lifetime. Although I know that he lived a long full life, when he passed away he knew that he was loved and cherished. I know he is rejoicing with my sister in Heaven, and sending whispers to earth for Grandma to keep going strong.

I am always constantly learning who I am, where I fit in, and trying to let go of the past hurts. In 2015 I found a new serenity in my life. I let go of the way I thought things should be, and embraced the way things are now. I realized that I can’t stop and wait for life or people in my life to catch up. That I must keep marching forward and fulfilling my life goals.

I am learning that the person I am is ok. I don’t have to change for anyone, I don’t have to chase after people that don’t care, and that I can just be. Other people’s hurt and pain is not my hurt and pain. I have to protect my own feelings, and project the happiness I want in my life and in my daughters life.

I have had an endless amount of support from those that surround me. I am so thankful for the friends and family I have. Without them none of this would be possible for me. I want to thank each and every one of you that calmed me down, told me that things were going to be ok, and held my hand as I walked through some difficult times.

So for 2016 I am walking in strong, with a resolve to keep my happiness a top priority so that I may be able to sprinkle that happiness all over those that I love.

Thank you for loving me!



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