Christmas Time

It is so easy to get swept up in the commercialization of the holiday, to find yourself swirling into despair over things that really don’t hold that much water.

At the end of the day I found that giving my daughter minimal gifts this year was actually freeing, she played with every single thing she got today! She enjoyed it, and she also smiled a lot, laughed a lot, hugged a lot, and was generally the best kid EVER! I think sticking with the minimal gifts is the way to go honestly. When the time comes that we are financially stable again, I think saving for family adventures is the way to go. Discovering the world and the different people that live in it.

I gotta say spending Christmas on the beach with my toes in the sand doesn’t sound all that bad 🙂

In the spirit of creating new traditions that I hope carry her forward through her life, when she can say things like “When I was little this is what we did..” I want her to look around her Christmas table and see smiling faces looking back at her, they don’t have to be the faces of the same people year after year, just as long as they are loving ones that share in the joy of the season with her. I want her to know that the family she came from and the family she makes are 2 different things. I only want her to know this so she will not feel blue or alone on holidays. So her heart is always full.

I want her to know that Christmas jammies are important, and a new mug with hot cocoa is the best. I want her to know that you can’t buy happiness or love. I want her to always have a giving spirit, to give more then she receives and understand that in doing so she gets the best gift of all.

I want her to hang each Christmas ornament on the tree and have it spark a memory in her mind. I hope that if she has animals when she is grown up that she treats them like she treats the ones we have now and insist on giving them the full Christmas dinner and extra snuggles just because.

I want her to know that all of the loved ones that have passed into Heaven, will always be present at her Christmas Table.

Today I was surrounded by so much laughter, such good food, generosity, happiness, and joy that my heart was full. I miss my Grandparents, my parents, my brother, my sister, my brother in law, my niece and my nephews horribly at this time of year, I pray for them that they have the same joy that I have, not from things, but from the spirit.

I sat in my car tonight after driving my friends home, and talked to my sister who has passed to Heaven, I wished her a Merry Christmas, and I talked to her about life. I put my hand in the middle palm up, and closed my eyes to feel her there with me. We had a nice heart to heart, and I let her go so she could be with her little angel tonight.

I am running on empty and my emotions are on high, I think the day after Christmas will be relaxing day as a tradition! 🙂

Merry Christmas to one and all, remember the reason for the season, and give the gift of true happiness.


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