I need a gun

Ok before anyone freaks out, I am not going to do any harm to any creature or human being. I am simply going to persuade Mr Ground Hog that he was wrong and that there is not going to be 6 more weeks of winter. How do you get to see this famous groundhog anyway? Does he have a secretary? Does he even do personal meetings? He has become like Santa, infamous for one days work. Although I have to say Santa does a lot more work then Phil.


Anyway I am getting away from my point which is simply, WINTER GO AWAY!

I know you are saying to yourself, she lives in Nova Scotia, Canada, what does she expect? Even the locals that were born here say that this is a bad winter though, so I am not the only one. Although I think the people in Michigan (like my best friend) have us beat by a mile. The white stuff can be pretty, and then it just sticks around, then it melts and you see grass poking through (albeit dead and brown) and you rejoice! Then you read the weather for the next 3 days and see that it is all going to be falling again plus some. Crazy Daughter enjoys a good snow day, of course, playing in snow, getting to play Minecraft, having hot chocolate, being a child in the snow is awesome!

The daily grind of getting ready for school though wears us both out, get the ski pants on, get the jacket on, get the mittens, the scarf, the hat, the boots. Then they go to school, for recess they have to put all their gear back on again, by the time they are ready to go out its time to come back in.

Crazy daughter was very cute as a small baby in a snowsuit though! (she is still cute, just whines a bit more ;))


I am just so tired of looking out my front door and seeing this:


Why can’t I open my front door and see this?


shhhhh, it’s not nice to wake people up from their dreams!

What crazy dream are you dreaming this week?


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