There is always something you can find to smile about

Well the last couple of days the bad side of crazy has kicked in for this crazy wife. The crazy husband is being amazing as usual. The crazy daughter is making me smile because she knows what I need. She hugs me and cuddles me. She also tries to teach me how to play minecraft…I don’t get it! haha


This picture brings up another point, she is wearing my sacred penguin hat because she seems to lose hats and mittens like its her job. I am an extreme penguin lover. My friends all know it, even strangers know it. I have a shelf of all different types of penguins I have collected and my best friend gives me penguin stuff for every holiday/birthday! If it is or has a penguin on it is likely mine in the crazy house. Well except the penguin with the flashlight in its belly that crazy daughter got for Christmas, which I will steal one of these days! Hey don’t judge me!


This is my coffee mug, it says keep calm and love penguins! It is comforting and it has a penguin!

Anyone else have a crazy collecting addiction? Tell me what it is, no judgement here.

So when you suffer from depression, generalized anxiety disorder, insomnia, seasonal affective disorder, and post traumatic stress disorder, life can get a little crazy, and add 6 feet of snow to that, it’s not good. I go into hibernation mode, don’t want to leave the house, don’t want to see people, get lost in my depression, and try to claw my way out as best I can. Right now I am struggling, why am I telling the blog world this? I want to be honest and be out there about my conditions. I am far from the only person that struggles with these things, and you know what its a disease I can’t control. Things like “Get Happy” “Think Happy Thoughts” “Just let your mind go somewhere else” don’t really help people like me. If we could do that we wouldn’t have to take pills, go to therapy, and suffer!

This crazy wife won’t give up the fight though! Just remember when you see someone you don’t know what their story is, there could be a smile on their face, but hurt in their heart and mind. Be kind, be gentle, and yes be crazy!



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