Crazy Family Introductions

First is me, I am the crazy wife.


36 years old

Things I love: Sunshine, Flip Flops, Doggies, Being a Mom, Interesting/Exotic foods, Baking, Cooking, Socializing, Blogging

Things I don’t like: Anxiety, Depression, Being Cold, Snow, Black Liquorice, and people who chew with their mouth open.

Born and raised in beautiful California, if I could live anywhere I wanted to right now it would be there. I have an opinion on most controversial subjects, but I am always open to discuss things with others. I consider myself to be a pretty tolerant person with an open mind. From time to time my opinion can be VERY strong, but it’s not to try to change your mind 🙂

The Crazy Husband


36 years old

Likes: Gaming, Dogs, Apple Products (I always joke that if me and his iphone went overboard he would save it first!),laughter, jokes, internet memes, beer, good food, and cooking

Dislikes: US Boarder Patrol, messes, doing laundry, doing dishes, sleeping on the couch (only when our daughter is sick! I am not one of those wives!)

Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Canada. He is sooo laid back. He is the perfect yin to my yang. We make a great team. He is silly, goofy and the best father in the world!

Crazy Daughter



11 years old

Likes: Gaming, Zombies, Computers,  Her doggies, her best friends, Basketball, movies, and youtube vloggers.

Dislikes: homework, bullies, cleaning her room

She was born here in Nova Scotia but has dual citizenship so she is a Camerican 🙂 She loves to visit her family in California. As you can tell from her likes she is very much my husband and I split right down the middle. She looks more like me but she has his sense of humor and love of zombies. She is a small petite thing but has a big personality!

The Crazy Furry Children


Bella Puppington was our first dog, she is big and furry! She has a heart for a nose, and obviously doesn’t mind us dressing her up to take pictures of her! She is one hip dog, and the best snuggle buddy! She loves her belly scratches!


Lily Sparkles was our 2nd baby, we got her when she was just a little puppy from a friend. Lily is the most easy going dog, she listens the best out of all of them. She snuggles right up between crazy husband and I to sleep. Her ears stick up like that all the time, when you yell dinner time she is going to be the first to the bowl!


Bear Growlington is our 3rd puppy (and last crazy husband says!) he is Lily’s son. He likes to get into mischief, loves to chew on shoes and likes to eat couches! His claim to fame is that when he was 6 months old he ran away in the Nova Scotia winter for 9 days. I didn’t sleep the whole time, and when we got him back , Id sleep with him on my tummy. He is our baby boy 🙂


Daisy is our 4th puppy (crazy husband lied and chose to keep this one himself!) she is Bella and Bear’s daughter. She absolutely LOVES socks, chasing Lily around the house, tug of war and giving us cute looks with those big ol eyes. We are now surrounded with dogs and dog fur at our home. It is full of love!


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